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    I made a new grandfather clock test stand, I call it “THE BEAST” several things I considered. first was stability, On my other stand I have and have had customers bump it, always worried it could tip over, this one = no way!!! I wanted to get at the front and back for adjustments and have enough room side to side to run with the dials on. I am able to put different style chime rods in place (this will help in “hearing” it running and chiming), the backboard for the chime rods can be adjusted in the slots in height and distance from the movement, need to find a couple of different chime rod blocks for the other backboards, any for sale?. the pieces under the seat-board are for locating AND also help the seat-board from tipping over if something were to cause that. I should be able to accommodate at least 6 large movements at one time (plenty sturdy to withstand the weight) with the dials on, maybe 5 with the chime-blocks. let me know what you think, William