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    Howdy Yall, here are some pictures of how I have my watchmakers lathes set up. Mostly I wanted to show the microscope. I have a difficult time using a loupe while using the lathe. When I bashed my 2 front teeth into the lathe 🙄 I decided there has to be another way. Previously I had rigged the amscope over the lathe but it did not give me all the room I wanted, many times I would want it out of the way so it was kind of a process, they do make the amscope with the larger booms, I was leaning towards getting one when I found this vintage inspection microscope, I drove 4 hours one way figuring if I left at 1 am I would be back by 9am to get back to work, well…..anyway, what I like the most is that it gives me lots of room to roam under the binoculars, also being a large enough boom I can swing it over several lathes. I liked it so much I patiently kept looking for another and WHALLA 😯 , I use this one for inspection, hairspring adjusting, oiling ect…ect…Thru sellers willing to negotiate I purchased each one for $150.00 I hope Paul sends me a Christmas bonus this year :) . the table is not complete as I am still figuring out how I want things exactly but it very functional so far. have a fantabulous day, William