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    O.k. here is the cleaning section, wanted to show the dryer box in particular. A simple box made out of 3/4″ melamine, a 1/4″ dado set in on the front edge to allow for a sliding door, I would imagine a hinged door would work just fine but I didnt want to take up too much space, (when I started I was in a 9×10 room in the basement). A hole cut in the top and another piece so as to sandwich a heavy fabric between them, hose clamp a hairdryer to the fabric and WHALLAH. I added some 3/4 x 3/4 “rails” with the dado to hold the baskets off the bottom, for venting I cut 3 slots in each side simply by raising the table saw blade thru the side piece, the finger hole also acts as a vent. The smaller baskets are sink strainers from the local hardware store. In another post about keeping things organized for easier reassembly I use these smaller baskets for that purpose also, (each train in its own basket throughout the cleaning process) the larger baskets hold bigger items off the bottom for drying. William