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    Well, heres the new addition, a few details left but functioning, Paul, Bill and Bob, notice the coffee pot, bought at a garage sale $15 and refurbished it, like new and makes great coffee, have some on for you, bring donuts :D …. The biggest addition to the shop was not just the floor space but the sink area. the counter top was on craigs list for free, the sink and all the fixins for a drain and water from the house came from a plumber friend who traded me his time and materials for a clock, isnt that awesome!!!! But, it filled up pretty quick, have alot of clocks comin in, word of mouth has started, thank God, and now I am full time here. :D and now its time for some more tools right?????? what is soooooo cool is my wife and kids are totally behind me on this, I think they see how much I enjoy it and am not so grumpy anymore. William