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    The drill I found very cheap on e-bay, it came from the Smiths Clock Factory then spent 15 years in an all girls school before being bought by the guy I purchased it from. It works like new and is so accurate I managed to drill out a boot from a small clock lever, put a new brass stud in it and rivet it back to the lever. The hole was 0.3mm!

    This brightly coloured vario-Lux lathe is a hobby lathe, I bought it as it had the milling attachment, great for general stuff but is hard work when you want something accurate.

    These clocks are mainly mine, either to be used for parts or (when I have a bit of spare time :?) are to be restored.

    This last pic is of a Holbrook lathe, as soon as I have some other old lathes sold and out of the way it will be getting a new cabinet and a complete strip-down and clean. This is one heavy beast and took 3 people to drag it up the stairs, I will be borrowing my brothers engine crane to get it up on a cabinet. I hope I never have to move!