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Bob Tascione

    Hi Arlise and welcome to the forum!

    I agree with Paul. I don’t know of any good repair kits. Many tools and equipment are covered in the videos.
    I too would like to steer you away from working on your Rolex until you’ve practiced MANY different repair techniques with larger less complicated watches. I always recommend starting out with a larger more forgiving, and much less expensive pocket watch movement before tackling any smaller wrist watch movement. It takes time and practice to build dexterity, competence and confidence. One should never start out with something they would be uncomfortable losing. My suggestion would be to begin with around a 16 size 11 or more jewel pocket watch movement and practice tearing it down and rebuilding it many times. You can then move on to movements requiring some repairs such as replacing broken balance staffs, mainsprings etc. When you feel confident with this size movment you might then venture into smaller vintage wrist watch movements without auto wind or calendars. With practice you will eventually progress, step by step, into these smaller, more difficult movements. Again while learning it’s very important not to work on something that is of value to you in any way as many mistakes are made while beginning.

    I hope this helps Arlise,