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    Like I said before I am not a watch expert, I am sure Bob will jump in on this and add his advice at some point. The one thing I would say is if you use the waterless rinse that L&R make then you could just let them air dry. With a purpose built watch cleaning machine they have four beakers, the first has the cleaner, then number 1 rinse, then number 2 rinse a finaly a heating pot that has an element in the bottom which dries the movement quite quickly. If you are not using a waterless rinse and you take the time blowing dry all the parts it can be a bit of a slow process making sure you get every drop of water away, I have seen rust start to form in a matter of minutes on some parts and this ruins all the hard work of cleaning in the first place. I would place the parts in one of those fine metal sieves and give it a gentle blast with cold or at most warm but not hot hair dryer. Its important not to get the movement too hot, especialy if it is an older movement as some parts are glued with shellac, get them hot and the shellac lets go :(
    I am going to have a go at a couple of ladies watch movements very soon, as soon as my mainspring winder turns up in fact, so once I am in the process I will post up here so you can see how I get on and how I mess things up :)