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Bob Tascione

    Hi Paul,
    Sorry to hear the back is acting up. Hope you’re feeling better real soon.

    No luck on locating that pdf. Thought I had it here at the house somewhere but it may be on my computer in La Paz.

    One thing when applying shellac is to use very tiny pieces and apply it so it will wick down between the stone and fork slot. Covering the stone base and fork on the outside isn’t good. You can usually take a strip of shellac and pull it when heated (stretch) into a very fine sliver which can then be applied much more accurately to the space in the slot between the stone and lever. If you don’t have the shellac sticks but rather pieces of shellac then it can be heated a little and then just touch it with a piece of peg wood and pull the pegwood away. It will pull a fine line of shellac with it.

    If the banking pins are not the eccentric type that are screwed into the plate allowing for adjustment by turning them in the plate then the only way to adjust them is to bend them. It’s important that the material is soft and pliable enough to bend them for adjustment. This is why you see them so often made of brass. When adjusting them the part of the pin that makes contact with the lever should be perpendicular to the lever plane. So a double bend is necessary first by bending near the base of the pin and then another bend to straighten bring it back to the vertical.

    If this doesn’t make any sense then please let me know as I’m still waking up over here this morning!
    Hope it helps though,
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