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    Thanks Bob, one other thing I forgot to mention was one of the banking pins had been broken off. Whoever looked at this clock before me didnt like the idea of adjusting the pallet jewels so tried to bend the banking pins hoping extra movement on the pallet would give the right action, he managed to bend one ok as it is still there and quite bent but he must have used a little too much force and snapped the other clean off. I drilled it out using a .5mm drill and have used an epoxy to secure in a new piece of .5mm blued pivot steel as it is the only thing I had that would fit and figured it should be hard enough. I dont know if this is the proper procedure but I cant see any reason for it not to work?
    My back has been gradualy getting worse over the last few days to the point where I cant put my own socks on in the morning and I cant drive. My pain killers are very strong so if you dont see me up on the board much for the next week or so that will be why.
    You all take care and I will be back soon :)