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Bob Tascione

    Hi guys,
    It sure is cheap Arutha! I couldn’t believe the price when I saw it. I’m going to buy some to try out. Can’t go wrong at those prices. It’s quite a bit higher from other suppliers that I just checked but still a lot cheaper than Mobius.

    Monty, I forget to address your question about shelf life. I believe the shelf life for natural oils is about 3 years but much longer for synthetics.

    I found a pretty good oil chart pdf at BHI which you may have already downloaded. It gives a general coverage of oils to use for the different components of a movement and for different sized calibers. It’s very similar to other charts I’ve seen but this one is downloadable. After downloading it you can then go to the Ofrei link to see what they say about substituting Novostar types for the different Mobius grades. I was just checking out what they have written at Ofrei and it’s kind of difficult to decipher what’s being said. I had to read everything a few times before it began to make sense. Then again that usually goes for everything I read! :D If you need some help figuring out what to get then post what you think you’ll be working on, ie: pocket watches, men wrist watches, whatever and we can try to pin point the correct substitutes. This would be helpful information for all of us.

    Here are the links: To the BHI pdf.. http://www.bhi.co.uk/Documents/Tech/PractLub.pdf
    To Ofrei… http://www.ofrei.com/page245.html