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Bob Tascione

    Good morning Monty and Arutha,
    Welcome to the forum Monty!
    Well…I’ve got some bad news but will follow up with some really good news!

    The Bad…
    1- Arutha is correct and his engine/transmission analogy is a good one.
    2- Mobius is the industry standard and is the recommended oil by the Swiss for most if not all of their new movements.
    3- Mobius is extremely expensive!!!!

    The Really Good…
    1- I hear that Novostar oil is also a very good oil.
    2. Most of the different Mobius oils that are recommended can be substituted with different Novostar “Types”.
    3. Novostar oil is extremely in-expensive when compared to Mobius. Take a look at this Amazon store listing for Novostar Type B http://www.amazon.com/Swiss-Novastar-Watch-Oiling-Repair/dp/B005CKUX0K

    I use Mobius almost exclusively. Why? well the truth is… I don’t really know :D . A creature of habit I suppose, and most likely not doing side by side testing of Mobius with oils such as Novostar is really dumb on my part.

    Now…I’m probably going to get some “flack” in the future from what I’m about to post from some purists but…most course members just want me to help them get started in this fascinating field and not to discourage or overwhelm them right from the onset by telling them that they will need a &*#$#@ load of expensive new tools, oils, etc. etc. etc. If I’ve done this in any way I’m truly sorry and if I do it in the future then please tell me to knock it off!
    If you’re interested in working on your own watches and possibly moving on to servicing pocket and vintage wrist watches and money is limited then my recommendation is to go for and at least try Novostar and forget what I said about Mobius in the videos and don’t worry about what the Swiss are saying at this point. If you want to move on into repairing new Swiss made watches for others then you won’t have much of a choice as the Swiss are tightening the educational, tooling and oil requirements “noose” for parts accounts as I type….but for now learn, practice, learn more and then practice, practice and by all means enjoy and have fun with it!!

    I’ve got to run for a couple of hours but when I get back I’m going to locate a couple of websites that have good oiling info. In fact I think ofrei covers Novostar as a replacement for Mobius. I’ll check and will post in a couple of hours.

    I hope this post helps in someway Monty and any others that may read it.