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Bob Tascione

    You’re welcome Arutha!
    Yes the lubricants can get a little expensive but they do last a very long time. As I mentioned in my earlier post these small caliber movements can be very sensitive to changes in viscosity and the most effective range can sometimes seem fairly narrow. It’s also very important not to over oil any part of these watches (or any watch for that matter) as any extra oil flowing around in places where it doesn’t belong can eventually wreak havoc on it’s time keeping. I like to use the best option possible when lubricating them as I need all the help I can get with these small watches. They are actually enjoyable to work on and go together quite easily. There is one very real vulnerable and unforgiving part with most of these tiny watches and that of course is the hairspring. They become tangled and or distorted beyond repair quite easily if not handled with great care. For this reason I always try to point beginning watchmakers toward larger pocket watches or at least larger movements like the ETA 6497-98 until dexterity and a good understanding and feel of/forthe balance and hairspring is reached.

    I’ve posted a pic of a common type of mainspring winder that can be purchased for a very reasonable price. Suppliers like Uncle Larry’s and Dashto usually have a few on hand at any given time. Also if you put “mainspring winders” into the eBay search you’ll usually find many to choose from.

    Hope this helps Arutha!
    Take care way over there.

    Picture from Uncle Larry’s