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Bob Tascione

    Hi Paul,
    Yes you are correct about needing a winder. Fortunately these small winders can often be found on ebay and from used tool suppliers for very reasonable prices. If you’re just going to be doing a few watches for yourself then you don’t need to invest in anything fancy and used will probably be fine. I’ll try to dig up a link to some examples within the next hour or so and will post them up here.

    As for oils and greases for small caliber watches I usually use a few different types. These small calibers can be very temperamental and sensitive to lubricant viscosity. The 8000 that you mention would be way too thick as an all around lubricant for small caliber movements.

    I usually use Mobius Synt-A-Lube 9010 for the staff and most of the gear train holes and 9020 for the center wheel (9010 will work ok in place of the 9020 for the center pivot..I use it because it’s just a bit better and I have it on my bench).

    I use Mobius 941 escapement oil for the escapement. I do recommend using this if possible.

    Mobius Microgliss for the winding mech.

    For small caliber mainsprings (non-automatic) I usually use 8030. A friend gave me a life time supply of 8030 so I have to use it on something! For automatics you will need a suitable grease and braking grease applied to the barrel wall.

    I’ll try to dig up some links in a little while and will post them up here.

    Enjoy Paul,