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Bob Tascione

    Hi Chaplin37,
    You mentioned the possibility of weakening the spring by replacing it several times. I don’t think that would be the problem but what you suggest could be close. Is it possible that the hole end got bent a little and isn’t pressing against the barrel wall when inserted? If the end curls inward (toward the barrel arbor) just a little it may not catch as well it should. This does happen.
    Also the hook itself can sometimes wear and need to have an under cut filed to catch the spring properly or the hook (rivet) may have become loose in the barrel. This is also quite common. Also something not so common but does occur is barrel distortion where the hook is attached has bulged outward. Any of these things can result in a mainspring slipping off of the hook.

    Well, I just woke up here this morning and haven’t had my cup of coffee yet so my mind is functioning even less than usual! I’ll throw a cup of coffee in my face and will think more on it this morning.