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Bob Tascione

    Hi Arutha,
    Someone sure had a creative moment with that clock!
    I saw somewhere on the web a site that showed the correct way to set up spring wires. It was really well done. I’ll check around later this afternoon to see if I can locate it.
    As for the finish on the wood my guess is that shellac was used. This is usually what was used on older clocks. If you take a rag soaked with some denatured alcohol and apply it to a small, less obvious area you will know right away if it’s shellac. It should soften and begin to wipe off onto the rag. I don’t think this will hurt the underlying finish but I’m not sure so hence the “small, less obvious area” suggestion. As for the paint color on the feet, you got me there. I don’t know what color it should be or what would be the best or safest way to remove it if you wanted to do that. Maybe someone up here with some case refinishing experience can help us out with that.
    I’ll try to locate that website and will post it up here when or if I find it.