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    Hello Bob,
    Thanks for your reply! I decided to clean and oil the movement with the hope it would eliminate the problem. Unfortunately, it did not. With the movement removed from the case, I tried to simulate the movement cased
    with the hope of finding the problem. With the movement removed, the spring setting tension was removed
    and I was able to insert a stem and turn. As soon as I STARTED TO TURN, the clutch switched to the wind
    setting and I was able to wind the main spring. By pressing and holding the spring end in, the clutch switched
    back to the setting mode. To take this another step, it appears the stem does nothing to make the clutch
    function properly. With the main spring barrel bridge/cover removed, I can see the winding tube with a gear
    attached to one end. At the end of the tube(gear end), I can see a small lever. I can push this lever back and forth
    and it appears to be free wheeling. It doesn’t appear to do anything. I thought it was designed to work as a part
    of the clutch system? Bob In your reply, you mentioned a shipper spring, I am not sure what that is or where
    it is located. Hope the above helps or gives you some clue on what the problem might be!

    Bob do you have any literture or articles showing or describing how this clutch system is designed to work.
    Thank You — BYJWR1 PS: I can attach photo if you think it would help.