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Bob Tascione

    Hi Arutha,
    That was a GREAT deal!!
    I would be curious to know how a “touch up” with one of the many silvering kits would turn out. I’m pretty sure there would be a bit of a mismatch but it would certainly look a lot better. I’m not sure if you can alter the shade of the pastes in any way. There may be a way but I don’t know it. Maybe making your own paste would give you more control over the tint or shade. Here’s an excerpt from De Carle’s Watch & Clock Encyclopedia in the “Workshop Hints and Helps” section at the back of the book explaining how to make and apply the Silvering paste.

    Grind together in a mortar 1 oz. of dry chloride of silver, 2 ozs. cream of tartar (potassium bitartrate) and 3 ozs. common salt. Add water to form a creamy, fairly thin paste.
    To apply: Thoroughly and completely clean the work and do not handle the surface in any way thereafter. Dab a clean and fairly stiff brush into the paste and brush it on to the work using a circular motion. A frosted silver surface will result which should also be found to be quite uniform. Wash thoroughly in running water and dry; lacquer to prevent tarnishing and do not wrap or stand the work in or near any paper, cloth, et., other than sulfur or acid-free quality.

    He also goes on to give directions on mixing compounds for a “frosted” effect.

    Maybe by experimenting with the amount of ingredients added it would be possible to match your dial more closely.

    Here’s a link to some silvering paste. I don’t know how well this particular paste works but should give an idea of what’s available out there. www. priorypolishes.co.uk/shop/front/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=43

    If you do the job please let us know how it turns out Arutha,