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    Hi Paul and thanks for your reply. I know for sure L&R makes a bunch of different watch cleaning solutions as well, some look like they leave an oil of some type on cleaned surfaces in a final rinse. Looking around on the NAWCC boards today I stumbled upn a scanned copy of the L&R Master Watch Machine user directions, 4pgs, which suggests one of their watch cleaning solutions for the first cycle folloed by 2 cycles in 2 jars in the same rinse solution then to the dryer. They suggest 3 minutes at moderate speed with reversing in each of the cleaning and rinse steps then a spin-dry in the last rinse jare followed by a low speed spin in the dryer for another 3 minutes.

    I also finally bit the bullet and spent big bucks for a K&D Inverto 18R Deluxe Staking Set from Dashto Horological. I suspect that was a better place to buy a staking set because I believe when Tom Mister says VG to XLNT that’s better than some such claim from an E-bay seller.