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    Ok Bob i will try to explain it better.
    What i did was when i got the movement all together i set in inside the clock case, Just the movement with out the face accembly. What i mean by the face plate accembly is the part that goes onto the front of the movement with the hour numbers and the moon dial. The face plate has four 1/8 inch pins on the back of it.
    These pins go into the corners of the movement and little brass tappered pins are pushed into holes at the ends of the 1/8 inch pins to hold them in place.
    On the back of the face plate there are moon dial gears that are run off a gear on the hour shalft.

    When i had just the movement setting in the case i put the hands on it and ran the clock for a day. The movement worked perfectly. When the minute hand reached the 15 min. it chime when it reached the half pass it chimed 45 minute and hour it chimed exactly on the mark.

    Once i took the movement out of the clock case and installed the face plate reinstalled everything back in the clock case it chimed at ten past and 25 passed and at 40 of the hour and at five minutes befor the hour.

    Now that it has been running all morning it quit chiming all together.

    As far as the chime cam it is held on with set screws

    i looked behind the face plate and there is nothing touching anywhere it shoulnt. The only thing different about putting on the face plate is that the moon gear accembly. I looked at the the moon gear and the gear on the hour shalf and the moon gear accembly on the back of the clock face and messing great.