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Bob Tascione

    Hi Don,
    Good to hear the new wheel worked.
    I think there should be a chime cam (can’t remember the name) with 4 lobes mounted on the cannon pinion. I’m not sure whether this cam is friction fit or not. If it’s a solid press fit then the relationship between it and the square that holds the hand should be permanent. If it does move then you can make an adjustment here. If not then you can make the adjustment between the hand and the collet it’s mounted on. The hand should be mounted on a brass collet with a square hole. This collet holds the hand friction tight. Remove the hand from the clock and put a square broach or file into the square hole and move the hand into a new (correct) position. If the chiming is consistent then this should take care of the problem. You may then need to lift the pipe out of mesh with the intermediate pinion and move it a tooth or so to maintain the correct relationship between the hour and minute hand.
    I think this is what you are asking about but if not please let me know.
    Hope this helps Don, Please let us know.