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    Hey guys, been really busy too…. refurbished my first grandfather clock, funny that it happened after trying to help Don on his clock that I learned so much doing that I felt confident with this grandfather clock, so many things were similar and I was successful at repair even after someone else in the area tried fixing to no avail. super happy customer. happens that when the guy wanted me to address his grandfather clock problems I realized how cramped it was in the bedroom and then having a big clock in there did not do me well…. I sacrificed a 11 x 17 area in the woodshop walling off a section and moving the clock shop in…. took 4 days of hard labor shuffeling things around but I sort of knew this was going to be the next step in the clock repair….. I need to send some new pics Bob.…am now working on this guys “baby” that he wants to hand down to his grandkids, its a honor to have his trust in my abilities as slim as they are, and to be working on such a neat clock, time only sessions wall clock with a big square face, I will have to send pics of this and some others I picked up lately. also putting the finishing touches on a Ingraham kitchen shelf calendar clock, pretty interesting…..I will email soon Paul.
    thank you all :)