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Bob Tascione

    Hi Arutha,
    Hey no problem. We just miss your great input up here. Hope the remodeling goes smoothly for you.
    I thought I would wait until this weekend to email you just in case you were checking the forum. Figured if you were then you would see Williams post. Couldn’t miss that title!
    Anyway we won’t let you get away so easily. Good luck with the lathe and let us know how it turns out.

    I’ll send William your email in a minute. Ask him to send some pics of his shop and the different tooling etc. that he’s designed. He’s VERY creative and wastes no space or time!! Gave me a great idea for improving some of my work surfaces. I’m actually going to post his pics on a blog or possibly up here on the forum soon. Would like to have a place where members can upload their shop pics or tool pics etc. Something I believe we would all enjoy.
    Well thanks for popping in and updating us Arutha.
    Hope things go quickly and you can return soon!
    Good luck,