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Bob Tascione

    Hi Marty,
    Sorry. I was visualizing something entirely different. I thought from your description that it may not have been completing the full 12 strikes resulting in the pin on the count rack lever dragging behind the snail. Hence my question

    Is it completing the 12 O’clock strike sequence?

    and if not then the next question

    Is the strike sluggish?”

    was to help narrow down why the strike wasn’t completing the sequence (possible dirt, bushings etc.) and then the other question about whether it was a newer clock would tell us a lot about what type of movement it is. If it’s a newer clock then my guess is that there’s a chance it’s a Hermle movement and if it’s a bit older then maybe an Urgos. I think they usually will say Hamilton on the movement with some Hermle movement identification numbers following. I may be wrong about that though. If it is a Hermle then it would have a self correcting strike which would allow the rack lever pin to ride behind the snail in the event of a false strike.
    I’m still not clear on what pin you are referring to. I have to think on that one for a bit :D but if it is a Hermle and we are talking about the same pin then it would need to do what it’s doing if it’s not completing the full 12 strikes which is necessary to lift the pin clear of the step on the snail.
    If on the other hand the rack is just dropping behind the snail when the strike is activated then you hit the nail on the head Marty because that should never happen.
    Hope that was it and you fixed it! Please let us know how it turns out.