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    Bob and Paul,
    thank you, Paul your idea of using the lathe to check for staightness on a pivot is a great idea worth AT LEAST more than 2 cents :D , Bob I hope you are going to relax somewhat before a new monday shows up. What I mean about the gong is I have a wheel with notches on the outside of the back plate that stops the strike train when the knife falls into the notched area, or strike mechanism locking plate, I was having trouble with it striking the 1/2 hour more than once in that lower area instead of just once and then moving up and out of the way on the higher part of the locking plate, I thought I had it at one point with the knife falling right at the edge and the hammer staying down, which I understand is the correct way to set this up but I had the prob with too much space to get to the hour strike area, soooo I tweeked things again, THIS IS A MYSTERY, I will keep looking into this…. Since I first posted for some reason it is missing a strike pattern (probably while I sleep and cant keep an eye on it) 😆 I am wondering if this has to do with the flirt not being raising enough????? I am sure you are right Bob I think the 1/2degreee or a little more is the amount of locking. I need to read more about all that. :geek: