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    Hi Paul, funny you bring this up, I might not be much help here, is this a dead beat escapement?? I also noticed the same problem?? in this “Henriech Kielman #55006 vienna style wall clock, dead beat escapement, I was assuming that the escape wheel teeth were just a little bit out of measurements and I have not gotten to the point of knowledge for the math for possible fixes or take the time to measure each distance between the teeth, although I did see on the clock coarse Bob using a escape wheel tooth straightener but I dont know if this would get them back to exact measurements, but then again that may not be the prob. I am waiting for my depthing tool to get here and I will take a much closer look at the situation. I was figuring that as long at it was running o.k. it didnt hurt?????? which brings up the question of tight tollerances and old clocks that have run for years and possibly while out of wack, can we be too critical at times????? we should always strive for perfection in our work, it keeps us on top of things, but like my woodworking if I sand too much in one area to get it perfect I might sand through the veneer and ruin the whole project ;) . I did not notice any thing like lock or drop being different all the way around or anything wrong with the dead face or impulse face of the escape wheel that could cause it to do that (except possible measurements between teeth). hey what about small increase in length of escape wheel teeth or tooth, this would prolong the locking and possibly change the beat???? maybe even one could cause a few beats to be different???? please, this is my first shot at anything technical and would appreciate any correction to my thought on this. Thank you, William