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    hey Roger, I too started with a 400 day anniversary clock, I must have gotten lucky = no probs and runs well, just take your time. my local contact who is currently out of the bus. but was the man around here for years mentioned that when cleaning possible lacquered plates to be careful of how strong a solution you use as Paul mentioned, he also sugjested wiping on a lacquer with a cloth, very lightly and several coats, this will help from doing the extra work cleaning up the areas you dont want it to go. I would probable go through it anyway. ;) another idea is to peg the bushings with toothpics or something similar, just stick in enough to keep them there. I am not exactly sure on what parts are usually lacquered on clocks, I thought I read somewhere that the only thing regularly lacquered were the plates and nothing else, although that may be different for anniversary and skeleton clocks. William