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    I think everyone is missing what I am saying… Just putting the gears in place on the main body of the watch is the first problem. If I even bump one gear with another both of them get knocked out of place. I have 4 gears that I am trying to place. I managed to put them all in the pivot holes twice. However, if I even make it this far they still get knocked out of place when trying to put the top plate on. If only I could find a way to make the gears stay in place on the main body then maybe I might be able to have half a chance of putting the top plate on.

    I’m going to make a miniature spring hook so I can move the axles around under the top plate. I’ll be using a thin guitar string with the very end bent in a “C” shape. Then I’ll take a small wooden dowel to make a handle by drilling a small hole in the center. This watch is so small that there is not even a screw driver that can fit in such a tight space. It’s hard enough to even see under the plate at the 4 holes where the axles go. Am I attempting to work on a watch that is too small considering my lack of experience? The movement is a little bit bigger than a quarter. I may just have to work on a few pocket watches until I know what I am doing. I’ve also thought of making a set of clips, kind of like a bobbypin, but using thinner wire, so not to much force is exerted.

    I just wish that someone could tell me a sure fire way to keep the gears in place on the body of the watch!