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    This would be my suggestion on this subject. I get all the gears in place making sure that they are not upside down. Otherwise one will knock the other out of place. Once i see that they are all seated, i carefully place the plate on over the gears lining it up the best i can. Then, (I don’t recommend this to everyone unless you have good steady hands) I pick up the movement and bring it just under my lamp getting the best light possible. I use a 5X loupe and a #5 dumont tweezer. Dumont #5’s have a very fine point. I very slightly barely touch each gear manipulating them into there pivot holes. The reason i hold it in my hand rather than do it with the movement on the table is, it makes it easier for me to rotate the movement giving me a better view of all the gears. One important rule for me is: The moment i get the strong feeling of frustration,i put everything down and walk away for a while. Alot of times when i come back and try again my focus seems to be more in tune and before i know it, i get it. You might have to walk away more than once. 😆

    Good Luck