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    I also work on smaller movements. One trick is to place larger wheels first. Start with center wheel. It goes all the way through movement and will stay in place. Then just go in order and put escapement wheel in last if possible. For me center wheel helps keep others stable. Don’t know about using the oil to hold shafts in place. Didn’t mean to imply that it was easy. The smaller the movement the lighter weight the gears the harder it is to keep them in place. Maybe Bob knows a better trick he could share. Might try rodico on outside of bottom plate to hold pivots in place as they extend through jewel a bit but then I would worry if all rodico could be cleaned out afterward. Also would worry about what side of jewels you oil particular watch from as rodico would clean it out. I just thought of this so it’s probably not good idea but I’m sometimes fearless or dumb so if I was practicing on my own watch and couldn’t think of anything else I would give it a try. The escapment wheel is always the one that wants to move on me. I just did an eta 2836 and that one was the dickins to keep in place and to line up with top plate. Sorry I wasn’t much help.

    Charles K