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    Just setting the gears in place is bad enough. If I accidentally bump one they all move. I haven’t even gotten to the part of putting the top plate on when I can’t even get the gears to stay put in the bottom. I’m sure that if I were dealing with a pocket watch it would be so much easier, but I’m not! I have about 10 watches where the movement is no bigger than a quarter, and the smallest about the size of a dime. I was hoping that putting oil in the holes would maybe cause the axels to stay in place, no such luck. I will eventually get the thing put back together, it will just take hours, just like on the 1st watch that I did. I was just wondering is their an easier way to do this?

    On another note, the stereoscopic magnifying glasses, that I mention in my previous post, are crap! I’m going to have to modify the frame so I can individually adjust the aiming. While looking at an object with the right eye, the left eye is aimed about 1/2 inch to the left of what the right eye is viewing. I’m going to build a new frame with adjustment screws, 4 of them 90 degrees apart, so I can turn the screws to move the lens. Once I get this taken care of it will end up being a great $15 investment. These mag glasses are just cheap junk from China that someone here in the USA is selling. As it comes out of the box it is unusable, unless you keep one eye closed, which defeats the purpose of buying it to begin with. It would just be nice to be able to use both eyes, and when I am done modifying it, I will be! Once the mod is done, I will post pictures here.