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    Let me start by saying I am no expert and the gears you talk about do want to move, especially in wristwatches I have been working on. What I do is get them set then put top plate on. When doing that look first and there is usually something that will help you line things up. After that I find one or two of the gears are fairly easy to get set. A couple of them can be a bear at times but if you look at the movement from the side you will see how they are leaning. After that I kind of keep gentle pressure on top plate with a finger and then gently manipulate them in place with small screwdriver. After time you will feel them set. Be careful not to break pivots. There may be better tricks but thats how I manage. I had a link on how to set the drive train on an accutron that had this technique pictured but I can no longer find it. If you search accutron drive train repair you may be able to find it yourself.
    Charles K