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    Thats strange you should say that because lately I have been thinking the exact opposite. Bear in mind I have only been at this for the past 3 years so only have that period to go on but in that time the good old standard Stike Smiths clocks have gone up, they used to be around £25-30 but I have started seeing serviced and cleaned clocks making £130! Just to buy a runner is £40-50. I recently sold a Bakelite Smiths clock on e-bay which I had serviced, it only made £30! You have been around clocks a lot longer than I have, do you think the prices are coming down? I know on the stuff that needs a fair amount of cosmetic work the prices can be very low but the good quality clocks and good clean examples of the more common clocks do still seem to be making good money and a little more than I was seeing 3 years ago.
    There are bargains still to be had, I do keep a check on clocks being offered by distance, say a 20 mile radius, and where the seller offers collection only, this can sometimes pay off. :)