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    Hey guys,
    I posted a reply early this morning but i dont know where it went i must have screwed up somewhere lol

    Any ways ill try again, Thanks Will, yes im getting lots of patience lol. I dont feel to bad this morning hoping the weekend will be better though i am hurting alot i need to rest but this clock has got me wound up.
    Bob i thought about what you said on the gears may have got switch and woke up in the night remembering that i did change the gear just bellow the escape wheel.
    Its the gear that runs the escape wheel. The pivot was worn allmost through so i took the one out of that other Hermel i have.
    I remember looking at it and it looked the same but i didnt count the teeth.
    That old hermle i have for parts is a 85cm. I counted the teeth this morning and the one i took out of the one im fixing had 60 teeth and the one i put in my movement from the parts movement has 56 man do i feel like an idiot.
    With your help guys i think we have figured this out.
    Now can you help me with the name of this wheel i have been looking in Time saver and black forest and cant find it. I want to get a 60 tooth gear with the shalft also.
    Thanks again guys