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    Thanks Will, that is one thing i do have and that is patience. Before i got sick and disabled i owned a vacuum truck company that i turned over to my wife and she is running it now. Being a truck driver and trying to deal with six lanes of traffic in a semi truck useing the whole six lanes to back into some of the customers locations really builds patience lol.

    Anyway guys guess what, Bob you mentioned maybe a gear was out of place and i was laying in bed thinking about that and low and behold i remmbered that i took a gear out of that old Hermle i have and replaced one in this clock because the pivot was worn pretty bad.
    why i didnt remember that is beond me guess im getting old lol.I got up at 3:30this morning because it was on my mind so much and i could’nt sleep. I could’nt remember exactly whitch one i replace so i looked in the parts try on my bench and found the old one. I tore down the movement and it is the one just below the escape wheel.
    I counted the teeth and the one i replaced has 56 teeth and the old one has 60 teeth.
    Dang guys with your help i think we got it. Now i have to figure out what that gear is called and order a new one shalf and all. can you help with what i should look up and order ill try to find it in TimeSaver, i have an acount with them.
    Thanks guys its been fun