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Bob Tascione

    Hi Don,
    I wish I had one of these movements down here in Mexico with me to look at. I tried to go across the border a couple of weeks ago but the line was horrendous so I hightailed it back home.
    Okay…assuming that absolutely nothing has changed and that no escape wheel teeth are skipping past the anchor then I can only think of one other possibility at this time (which doesn’t mean much as there are probably a lot that I’m not aware of). Is it at all possible that any other wheel in either the strike or chime train is close in diameter as well as the wheel and pinion location on the arbor close to the same as one in the time train? In other words is it possible that a wheel may have been interchanged with another wheel? Do look closely as they could be facing opposite directions. If the module is the same and the wheel is just a tooth or two less maybe it would still work without binding. I don’t know. This is a long shot and purely a guess that I wouldn’t ask without first checking a movement or drawing but as I said I have no access to either here.
    Please let us know as I’m really anxious to find out what the heck is going on with this clock. :D
    Maybe another member that’s much more familiar with these movements can enlighten us.