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    Hi guys
    I have done everything you guys ask and everything looks great. i took the escape mec. out and turned the minute shalft with my finger tips and it spun free. it only slowed when it came to the chime cam part but not much that shoed nothing catching. I look at the time train gears and there all turning true and straight, the teeth are in good shape.
    Will the escape gear is moving to the right in the picture. I will send some more picture for you guys th look at.
    Today i am going to put the escape mec. back in and adjust it up untill its starts to slip teeth the lower it slowly untill it causes the cloc to stop the back up slowly untill i can get the beat correct, but i know this is not going to solve the fast time problem.
    I did replace the hour snail on the fron and the minute gear and moom gear with brass ones. i counted the teeth on all the gears that were replace and they all have the same amount as the old ones. so as far as i can see everything is the same as before i started fixing on it.
    Bob what i meant about it ran fine before i fixed it was way back ten years ago it ran fine and i had an old guy clean and service it from his home and shortly after i got it back it stopped working and has never ran sence. The old guy passed away so i could’nt take it back to him. now after ten years of setting i became disanled and am trying to fix it my self.
    If i dont go completely nuts im sure between us we can figure this out i hope.