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    Hi Don, what I was trying to figure out was what I think you were getting at, @Don1954 wrote:

    .i will try lowereing the verge so it contacts the escape wheel deeper and see if that slows the time down.

    the idea that if the escape wheel is held in place a little longer with the pallets because it enters the escape wheel farther then the pendulum would have to swing a little farther and therefore slow down the time, I need to read more on this, I am thinking that for it to run properly the adjustment to the verge,pallets and escape wheel teeth are critical and need to be within certain tolerances, measurements..and like I had posted earlier if those are adjusted in anyway the amount of time change is minimal. if you dont have it this is a good book “practical clock repair by Donald deCarle” hey 😯 I just realized you have the same name, could that mean ………. anyway. most certainly could be wrong as my knowledge is yet limited, (this kind of interaction helps me learn though) but the deadbeats I have come across or have read about usually have a impulse face that the escape wheel teeth slide off of, and from the pics, it is hard to really see but to me it doesnt seem that way on yours and thats why I asked if the verge was put on the right way, not trying to make you feel bad or anything :D just trying to learn something, well here is a question, which way according to your pics does the escape wheel turn????