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    thanks guys for the response, Not sure william what you mean by is the escape wheel on right i bought it with the pinion and all so all i had to do it put it in it only goes one way. I think your asking if i may have put it on backward if so no i got the hole thing.i checked everything is in place and everything is in the lowest point. The escape wheel has the same amount of teeth 29 but i did look close at the old one and it dosent appear to have those steps you see on this one Bob.
    William what do you mean by how much time can i change with an adjustment to the degree of locking the pallet?
    Bob what i meant about the teeth that looked different was when i was ordering the escapmet i look at the auto beat and it looked different than mine so i ordered the deadbeat because it looked closer to mine but looking at it like i said and you said it has steps on it and the old one dont unless there worn off.
    I lowered thepallet down and it makes the clock stop and also cant get it in beat it seems to dig in and makes alot of sounds but the tick tock lol.
    im not sure now if i should order anothe escape wheel and pinion or not like i said it runs real fast but did not before i cleaned it up it alway kept good time.the pendulim nut used to be screwed up so a inch and a half of thread was showing noe the nut is almost off the pendulim and everything is all the way down and it correct place.
    Thanks guys Don