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Bob Tascione

    Hi guys,
    No problem at all William, happy you jumped in here!
    Those pictures were a total surprise. I wasn’t expecting to see a strip pallet at all. That is a friction clutch but I don’t think it’s an auto beat unless the escape wheel that you replaced looked like the one I uploaded in a previous post. They are very strange looking with each tooth having a step on it. The autobeat that I’m referring to is entirely different looking. I think William makes a good point. Whether a stick pendulum or the type that he mentioned make sure that everything is down where it should be. The bob may appear to be all the way down the stick but could be deceiving.
    You mentioned that the escape wheel looks different than the previous one. In what way? Have you counted the teeth and pinion leaves on both wheels. If the replacement has fewer teeth then the clock will run fast.