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    Hello Don and Bob. its just me with some questions about this if I can intrude Don as I am learning from your issue. please dont take offense with my thoughts… I think you would have a greater chance of breaking teeth on the escape wheel if is not in far enough…. is the escapement on right?????, something doesnt seem right to me (that is probably just me though) and is the pendulum and suspension fully seated????? did you change anything in the suspension???? I had a vienna wall clock that had a peice that slid up and down the 5 rods of the pend. suposedly for changeing the center of oscilation??? I had to move it down to get the timing right as it too was running fast…. the other question I have is, how much time can you change with an adjustment to the degree of locking on the pallet????? sorry for the intusion and I will be watching and hoping you get this figured out Don, have a great day, oh by the way, the next one will be a breeze :D , keep on keepin on. William