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    Hey Bob i will try to upload pic of what i got im not sure how to do it the pic is really big i dont really know the difference between auto
    beat and dead beat i just know that the escape wheel i ordered had to be a dead beat one they were different. if you can make any thing out in the pic you will see what i mean about the ckutch that round thing behind the verge i think is the clutch i can hold the swing arm on the back and move the verge from one side to the other.
    I knocked the swing arm off to one side so i held the verge and moved the swing arm so that it was center up and down again.and also had to bend it out away from the movement to get the beat right.i will try lowereing the verge so it contacts the escape wheel deeper and see if that slows the time down. ill keep messing with trying to attach pictures so there smaller