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Bob Tascione

    Hi Don,
    Fist congratulations on figuring out the chiming set up!
    It is possible that the locking depth is a little too shallow allowing a tooth or teeth to skip past. I usually set the depth just to the point where the tooth lands on the locking face of entry and exit pallets, then add a tiny bit more depth to be safe and then watch how it performs for a while to see if more depth is needed. I was wrong about all of the newer Hermle movements being autobeat. I did a little research after my last post and found that the 451 movements use both autobeat deadbeat escape wheels and regular deadbeat escape wheels.
    I didn’t quite understand from your post whether the clock is staying in beat. You mentioned that you have the “beat set great” but then later said something about the clutch (autobeat?) not adjusting correctly and possibly going out of beat. Is that correct? Is it falling out of beat over time and did you determine that it has autobeat function? If so then it sounds like the autobeat tension is too loose and needs some attention. Can usually tighten them up and we can discuss how to do it if that’s the case.