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    Thanks Bob, im trying everything, Mine is a dead beat type if that matters with the beat i have been moving the pallet up and down a little each time if i get it to high the pallet wiil start missing the escape wheel and if i go down to far it willl just lock it up i have got the tick tock pretty close now it has been running for two days now.
    On the time train part the problem is, is that i took every thing off the front, the arms that activate the chime and those little cam peices. i cant figure out where to set those in the correct locating. looking at it i think everything has to be set in time like the hour gear so when that comes around it will move the are for the hour chime and the cams up on the right top side have to be set so as the arms will lift correctly for the quarter hour strikes correctly. the little cams have set screws that hold them on so i think they have to be put back on in the corret location to kick the arms up in the right time for everything to work. i hope i explained this right
    thanks again Bob