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Bob Tascione

    Hi Don1954,
    Let me check to see if I can locate some info on building the movement train for your Hermle.
    When you say that you’re having a tough time getting the escape wheel adjusted I’m assuming you’re talking about setting the beat. If I’m wrong then please let me know. You may already be aware that your Hermle movement has an “auto beat” function which will automatically set the beat close enough for acceptable performance. If this is new to you then all you need to do is move the pendulum all the way to one side and let it begin swinging. It will then begin setting the beat with each oscillation of the pendulum until it reaches normal amplitude. Pretty cool design.

    It sounds like you have the heavy weight on the correct side. The heavy weight drives the “chime” train.
    The fact that the clock is stopping when the time and strike train are assembled could be caused by a number of things. It may just be that the time train is running at less than full capacity and just can’t muster up enough power to activate the chiming sequence. You might try installing any activating levers without installing any of the chime train wheels to see if the time train has enough power to lift them without stopping. Through this process of elimination I can usually zero in on a problem fairly quickly.

    I’m going to try to hunt down some assembly info for you today to see if there’s something out there that can help.
    I’ll be back in a little while.