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    Hi Paul
    Thanks very much for replying. You are right the UK right now is dire for some kind of structured way into horology. Yes i have heard that BHI have updated their course but i am pretty clear that its clocks rather than watches that i am interested in so that may not be the best for me. I wonder if thats normal or do people do both (watches and clocks) at the same time? Watches are just too small for me lol.

    I am working my way into this because it feels right for me. I am lucky in that I already have a good job and theres just something nice about looking for and working with old clocks. I cant really explain it. It is just a great way to spend some of my time.

    You are so right that Bob and this forum are a great resource. I am looking forward to a great next few years here!! Thank you for your offer of help too. You might well find me posting on here to you when i am stuck). I am trying to network into groups locally but there dont seem to be any around (i am inthe north west of England). I will keep trying though.

    Thanks again