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Bob Tascione

    Hi William,
    Great topic!
    You and Arutha have brought up some very interesting points.
    I can’t add much to what Arutha said about lathes. Excellent advise. There are better lathes than Sherline available for the clocksmith but I haven’t run across anything at their level of quality that offers as many accessories at such reasonable prices. Sherline lathes can handle most of the common jobs in clock repair and can do it at prices that make it affordable for most clocksmiths. As Arutha pointed out…accessory prices for a watchmakers lathe can be brutal.

    William and Paul I’m certain your enthusiasm, attitudes and willingness to share with others will inspire many members up here. You’ve inspired me and I appreciate it very much. Whether we have one day, one month, one or many years experience there’s still so much ahead of us to learn in this field. We can never learn anywhere near everything about clocks and watches and that’s what makes it so darn interesting and fun. For me learning something new is the ultimate rush.
    Hope to see you up here a lot.
    Thanks guys