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Bob Tascione

    Hi Johnnypump321,
    Is there any chance that there is a Cal number? There may be some numbers stamped on the pillar plate along the rim near the balance. If there are numbers they may or may not be the caliber number but it’s worth a try. I’m assuming when you say 19 Size that you mean 19 ligne. Am I correct or did you measure in American size? 19 Ligne should be 45.72mm which is very close to a 16 size American. If it’s a 19 Size then it would be 45.72 mm across the dial. Finding the staff shouldn’t be a problem but might need to narrow down the cal. We can also identify the cal by matching the clutch lever, set bridge and set lever to the illustrations in the Bestfit catalog. I would take a picture of that page so you could identify your movement but as I mentioned in a previous thread I’m having problems with my camera so the detail wouldn’t be good enough. Also don’t have a scanner here. Staffs for your watch can most likely be purchased on ebay or just about any watch supply house. Of course you can always call a supplier and ask if you can send the movement to them if we can’t nail down the caliber. Also a 19 ligne 7 jewel buren movement might be all you need to tell them as it’s possible that Buren only made one caliber that size with 7 jewels. I tried to find some info on that but couldn’t locate anything.
    Here’s an ebay seller:
    You can find others by putting in Buren balance staff into the ebay search. Might contact the seller and tell him or her what you have and that it’s a 7 jewel movement. Might be all the info that’s needed.
    Hope this helps,