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Bob Tascione

    Hi Gary,
    Is this a newer Nottingham model like Ridgeway, Howard Miller etc. or is it an antique that someone put a new quartz movement into?
    If it’s an old one and you would like to get something close to original then I think Arutha has the right idea about doing a lot of research.
    If it’s a newer clock that you would like to convert to a mechanical then you might try checking out Hermle movements. There are lots of companies that carry them. Mark Butterworth knows them inside and out and can probably help you find the one you need. Also here’s a link to a pdf that has some good info in it http://pmclocks.com/Acrobat/Movements.pdf and here’s another one with a bunch of helpful pdfs http://freetechebooks.com/file-2011/hermle-service-manual-for-movement.html
    Hope this helps Gary,