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Bob Tascione

    Hi Ed,
    Thanks for sending the pic. I’ve re-sized and added it to your post above.
    I dug up a similar (sort of) clock that I have and checked it. It’s set up a bit differently than yours though with the movement being encased in a sleeve which needs a couple of screws loosened to remove it. Everything does come out through the front on mine. Just for the heck of it can you check underneath the case to see if there’s a screw that reaches through to the the movement or dial plate? I doubt it but it’s worth a look. From your pic it looks like pretty tight quarters between the movement and the case so I doubt if there are screws that need to be removed by reaching in through that tiny space. My guess is that it does need to be worked out through the front still but without having the clock in my hands (and possibly not even then) I’m not positively sure. They really can be difficult to get out of those old wood cases at times though.
    You had mentioned dis-assembling the clock while in the case but that would be tough to do since the platform is suspended between the plates and fastened to each plate by four screws from the top.
    Wish I could be of more help.
    Maybe someone up here has a better answer for you Ed.