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    Wheel is on correctly. Has design engraved on top plus has slight angle down so if upside down teeth would not mesh. Cap is tight and flush. One thing is other one I worked on was also tight before I started as was this one. In fact first one was so tight had to use slight force to let down mainspring. Had to actually turn in reverse rather than just hold back. Had not thought about placement of spring inside barrel. This one does let down very smoothly.
    This guys case is so beat up I would probably advise recasing but it has sentimental value. Spring will push stem back up slightly. So probably need to replace with tighter sleeve once I figure way to remove it. It’s almost exactly like one in video. If you push down a bit watch will wind but once you pull out to set and jush push in watch is in neutral, neither winds or sets till you push further down and engage winding. Just can’t figure out how to get sleeve to move also worried a bit about condition of threads.